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Buying Wool Roving and Locks in Bulk and other Fiber Art Supplies at Good Prices!

Bulk Wool Sources and Suppliers for hand dyeing, feltmaking and spinning yarn

where to buy wool roving and locks in bulk and other fiber art supplies at good prices

Since I decided to eventually start selling some handcrafted fiber supplies (like dyed rovings, fiber batts, kits, etc.), I've been trolling the internet to find the best sources to buy fiber art supplies in bulk. I've researched many fiber art forums as well as done a lot of Google searches. In the past, I haven't shared a lot of my supply sources, and there's still things that I like to be my little secret, but today I'm feeling generous so I thought that I'd give you a heads up to some good fiber art supply sources online.

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Maybe you fiber art enthusiasts out there - you knitters, spinners, dyers, felters, crocheters, etc., etc. - have some sources that you'd like to add. Please do!! I encourage you to leave a comment with a link to your favorite online source for great fiber art supplies whether it be roving, dyes, yarns, silks, or whatever. Share! Share! Share! Share! Share! (You get the idea!)

Now on to my little list of fiber art supply sources - yes, it is just a little list, but I'm in the process of researching still so it may grow and grow and grow - well, that's the goal at least!

Wool Roving and Fibers in Bulk:
The Sheep Shed Studio - rovings, yarn, and fibers in bulk quantities at great prices
R.H. Lindsay Company - fleece, sliver, top, and more available in large quantities

Other Fiber Suppliers:
Outback Fibers - prefelts, dyed wool, kits, and a lot more
Brown Sheep Company - yarns, yarns, and more yarns, oh, and patterns too
Halcyon Yarn - fiber supplies for every type of fiber art

Dyes, Silks, and Misc. Supplies:
Dharma Trading Company - all kinds of dyes and a variety of silk fabrics too
Thai Silks - silks galore from fabric to artist's items, and they even give an artist's discount

So there's my little list. I hope that someone out there finds it to be helpful. If you have experience with these supply sources, want to add to the list, or just want to express your thoughts, please leave a comment. I really appreciate my readers' insights and experiences.

I also wanted to say that I really appreciate all the comments on a post that I made about buying a drum carder a while back. Your personal experiences have been very helpful. I'm about half way to my funds goal so that I can purchase a drum carder, and I'm so excited!! It shouldn't be much longer now until I can buy one. I can't wait to get one and start making some fiber batts!


  1. These acid dyes are much less toxic to both dyers and the environment than other brands. Check it out!

  2. The best place that I have found for raw merino fleece is the McMurrys. Their store on Etsy is http;// They don't coat their sheep but the fiber is incredibly clean and Desiree is a joy to deal with. You can ask for a particular kind of fleece (color, age, etc.) and they will try to find one for you.

  3. Hi,

    I link to this posting becuase it is so useful. Thanks for all the information!


  4. Well I too have been endlessly trolling the internet for great quality wool rovings at even greater prices. Unfortunately, through trial and error, I can probably be better suited to supply you a list of vendors and shops NOT to buy from! However, that being said, I wanted to say that my latest wool roving purchases have been nothing short of fabulous! I have found a wonderful seller who not only provides her customers with gorgeous wool in fabulous colorways but I have found her prices to be equally as fabulous. Plus, she is also a talented needle felter so good quality products are a must for you're sure to get the best she has to offer from being a fellow artist as well. OK, is my pick and the link for you....

    If the link above isn't live then you can access her site from this address..

    Thank you so much for sharing your coveted list and I hope you enjoy my pick as if you could only tell me where to get a variety of bulk craft felt I'd be over the moon!

  5. Thanks for posting these, Shalana! I've faved this posting for future reference.

    Bobbie at has an unbelievable WEALTH of NF information. She's literally writing a book on all the techniques. She sells wonderful needlefelt needles. Some I've never found anywhere else that condense the wool going in as well as coming out. She's really wonderful.
    Winderwood Farms has a LARGE selection and EXCELLENT customer service, they ship fast and are reasonable.
    The Felted Ewe has tons of NF supplies

  6. Thank you all so much for the wonderful links! I've checked them all out and plan to browse them more later - great supply sources! I really appreciate you all sharing.

    And thanks for the mention on craftgossip Linda! You are always so encouraging :)

  7. Hi- Very helpful post! I get all of my supplies at New England Felting Supply in Easthampton MA. Also the website has an inspirational gallery page:

  8. hi

    you might be chocked by the low prices compared to american and britisch prices. only 2,10 euro's for a 100 gram of merino colored roving . But there is so much more.
    The catch? the sides are in german. But the ordering is very easy. They ship extremely fast and the qualty is super.
    for uge amounts

    or smaller amounts


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