About Me

A little bit about me & my fiber and felting crafts journey...

    In 2005 I took a fiber art course at a local community college out of curiosity. A small portion of that class was traditional wet felting techniques. Once I had my hands in the wool, I never stopped. I am an admitted fiber addict and a well-rounded one too. I can crochet, dye, card, and, of course, felt. I can also (kind of) knit and spin, especially with a drop spindle. I have yet to weave, but I'll probably get to it eventually. My favorite fiber techniques are needle felting and wet felting so The Funky Felter was born in 2006. I soon began to sell on Etsy and other online venues as well as at craft shows across the Midwest. 
The Funky Felter shalana frisby

    I've thankfully had the opportunity to live many places in the U.S. from Little Rock to Kansas City to Milwaukee. Most recently I lived in Wisconsin where I was the Craft Editor for Country Woman Magazine, Birds & Blooms Magazine and Taste of Home brand books. Now, once again, I'm living in rural southern Missouri where I grew up having happily found my way back to my family and roots. I am a mommy, wife, entrepreneur, writer and hopeless craft addict. For more interesting information about me, please visit professional portfolio site

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