Monday, March 06, 2017

Want to win a FREE journal?

Enter this giveaway to win a free journal Bible study book from 123 Journal It Publishing 

Journals for personal use, church, homeschool, and anytime!

123 Journal It Publishing Contest Giveaway for the Bible Memory Verse Study Journal

This contest giveaway is hosted on my other site 123 Journal It Publishing. Not only am I "The Funky Felter" and have been since 2006, but my husband and I started a family business as a publishing imprint at the end of last year. We now have 4 Bible study journals available for sale with several more book designs in the works - even some for crafty adults and kids on the list of journals to come in the near future!

For my loyal readers here at The Funky Felter, we hope that you'll venture on over to our new publishing business site and check out our line of journals. You can also get more of the story of how this adventure developed for us as a family.

123 Journal It Publishing study books for church, personal use, homeschool, and more

Find all our journals on Amazon during March for half off retail price plus free shipping for Prime members! 

I sincerely appreciate each of you getting to know me over the years as The Funky Felter and hope you'll take the time to get to know me as a publisher too!


(contest closes at noon CST on Wednesday, March 8, 2017)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Free Printable Craft Tags for Crocheters

Do you crochet and need some adorable little labels for your handmade crafts? 

FREE Crocheted with Love Printable Craft Tags by Shalana at The Funky Felter

Try these printable 2-1/2 x 1 inch rectangle tags for your handmade crocheted goodies for sale or as gifts. Download the free PDF to print from your home printer on white or colored card stock or brown Kraft paper. You can even customize and spruce them up with some hand coloring of your own. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Easy Needle Felted Valentine Heart Tutorial Using a Cookie Cutter

Are you Needle Felting a gift for your Valentine this year? Here's a "heart" felt idea for you! 

Quick and Easy Needle Felted Heart Craft Tutorial for Valentine's Day

I hand felted this quick and easy sweet little heart shaped pouch a while ago as a how-to project for a master's degree class assignment (yes, I even managed to fit some needle felting into my higher ed work somehow!). We were assigned the task to come up with a short lesson plan demonstrating how to do something along with all the accompanying materials to go with it. I had even filmed a short video demonstrating this needle felted craft which has gotten lost somewhere along the way so you'll just have to settle for the step-by-step photo tutorial instead. 
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