Saturday, January 23, 2016

Free Printable Craft Tags for Crocheters

Do you crochet and need some adorable little labels for your handmade crafts? 

FREE Crocheted with Love Printable Craft Tags by Shalana at The Funky Felter

Try these printable 2-1/2 x 1 inch rectangle tags for your handmade crocheted goodies for sale or as gifts. Download the free PDF to print from your home printer on white or colored card stock or brown Kraft paper. You can even customize and spruce them up with some hand coloring of your own. 

Free Printables for Crafts, Kids Activities, Bible Study, and Christian Education at 123 Journal It Publishing

Download Free Printables Now

Put your price and company info on the back and punch a hole for a string to hang as tags. Or, turn them into sticker labels by running them through a sticker machine or printing on sticky-back paper. There are many product labeling uses for these free craft tags - whatever you can think up!

 Click Here for my FREE "Crocheted for You with Love" tags. 

And if you like these, you might also like the original version "Handmade for You with Love" here. Download it too for a matching set of craft tags for all your handmade goodies!

**If you share about these free printable tags (and I hope you do!), please be sure to link directly to this post and not the stand alone Google Drive file itself.**

TERMS OF USE:  These are for personal use to print and label your own handmade items for gifts or for sale. These are not for sharing or resale in digital or print form or any other form for profit. If you have questions about their use, don't hesitate to contact me and ask.

Affordable Printable Tags for your Crochet Crafts by Shalana

Psssst...if you like these tags, I have more free handmade tag designs coming up future posts - crochet, knit and needle felt specific labels! Don't miss out on all the great freebies for crafters! CLICK HERE to subscribe to my weekly email updates. And, please share this freebie with your handmade craft & fiber lovin' friends!

Copyright 2016 Shalana Frisby. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

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