Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Roses are red . . . uh, or maybe hot pink?

As far as roses go, I say bright luscious hot pink is the new red! I know that spring is upon us and summer is quickly approaching so where does that leave woolly felt?? Well, I say felt is an all year accessory. Check out my little flower pins as the proof. They are bright, cheery, and very warm weather friendly. I, the funky felter, refuse to go into hibernation for the summer!! I will felt all year around. Okay, so I will also dye silk and make paper too, that's the well-rounded fiber artist in me, but the feltmaker will not die for the warm weather months.

I will continue to make bright, cheery jewelry, accessories, and more. I thought that I'd want to slow my feltmaking down in the summer, but I'm really looking forward to having the time to complete some larger projects as well. Yes, it will be hot and steamy with all the boiling water and sunshine as I felt my creations, but I can handle it. And just maybe, I'll shed a few pound in the process - the feltmaker's workout plan!

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