Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another fiber festival . . . all about Alpacas!

Now that my husband has become interested in the animal side of fiber, he's willing to go to all the fiber festivals that are within driving distance. On Saturday, we went to an Alpaca festival just outside of Hiawatha, Kansas. It was a very small affair with local (mostly Kansas) Midwest Alpaca farmers or breeders.

There was an array of beautifully colored alpacas there of all different ages and sizes. I snapped a few photos of them. The baby alpacas sitting down are from Prairie Harbor Alpacas in Chapman, Kansas. And, of course, since I *always* have to buy some fiber, so I bought some gorgeous, unprocessed Alpaca fiber from them. It is a lovely deep dark brown color with a hint of maroon. I hope to make some items with it soon for show and tell, but right now I'm in the process of cleaning it. Oh, and the other photo is of the local host farm's Alpacas having lunch.

My husband is now convinced that he wants a fiber farm some day with Alpacas, some sheep, angora rabbits and goats. It wouldn't be any time soon (probably years away), but it is very nice that he is so supportive and we have an interest in the same thing. Now we both learn about the different fiber animals together, and I think that I've actually learned a lot more about the animals and fiber types since he's taken an interest too. Well, we never know what the future holds, but it would be nice to have a fiber farm some day.

For now, we'll just go the festivals and have a great time and buy a little fiber along the way. If you know of any good fiber festivals within a day's drive of Kansas City, Missouri, I'd like to know about them. Just post them in a comment or contact me via my website . . . thanks in advance!

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