Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Needle felting a hat . . .

Last night I began the process of making a hat. I used the wool that I had previously cleaned and dyed which there are photos of in a previous post. I also used my new needle felting tool from copperpot on Etsy. It is fabulous, well constructed, and a breeze to use! I just got my new tool in the mail on Monday and couldn't wait to give it a try.

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I had found this most excellent tutorial on craftster by FAST's very own glorioushats (a.k.a. GraceOblivious on craftster). It is a wonderful instructional feltalong on the basics of needle felting a hat with many photos and tips along the way. Using this for guidance along with my own creative spirit, I needle felted what you see in my photos. My husband says that my hat looks like a fluffy helmet, but I still plan to wet felt it as the last stage of finishing. It should shrink a little more and take on a better hat shape. There is also a photo of the hat form that I made out of a pillow bolster and my new needle felting tool.

I hope to post some photos of the finished hat later this week or early next week so stay tuned. And, I plan to make more hats now that I'm getting the hang of it.


  1. Yea! So pleased to see the tutorial on Craftster was helpful to you. So agree, the great thing about felt making - either needle, wet or combined is that we each "make it our own way" - using similar basics yet each adding our own style and ways of working.

    Fun hat, too.

  2. I admire you, Shalana. I think needle felting requires more patience than I seem to have.


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