Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Visiting the Alpacas at Winters Gone Farm

Part of the adventure of our recent trip to Maine was the fiber art related excursions. My husband and I visited just a few places that had to do with my passion for fiber, but they were all very memorable. Probably my favorite fibery stop was at Winters Gone Farm. It is an alpaca farm just outside of Wiscasset, Maine. Skip and Judi Taylor run the farm and small alpaca store along with the help of their collie, Harry. It has a lovely little shed/barn area for the alpacas as well as a nice yarn and picnic area. The small shop carries a wide array of items made from alpaca roving. They also sell alpaca roving by the ounce, which, of course, I had to buy some!

Maine it itself is a beautiful state, but these little furry critters make it even better. The alpacas were adorable and their roving is some of the softest, finest fiber that I've ever touched. I can't wait to felt it! The alpacas seem to be very shy, gentle animals. Although my husband and I badly wanted to pet the little cuties, we didn't try to as they were very shy (and we knew that they could spit like a camel - lol). I highly recommend visiting this alpaca farm or one near where you live. You may also find more information about alpacas at Alpaca Nation, or visit the blog of my fellow EtsyFAST member North Star Alpacas.

Me and the pacas hanging out.

Harry, the guard dog, fiercely guarding the pacas!

The pacas havin' lunch.

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  1. Shalana, thanks for mentioning our farm. Hey, I've never been spit on by an alpaca. I've been caught in the crossfire when they are having a little dispute. I had one gelding get a little pushy with me and I spit at him. He was never agressive again.


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