Monday, July 09, 2007

Handspun mini skeins of yarn

Well, I'm slowly learning to use my new drop spindle. I still can't actually drop the spindle consistently to spin, but I have managed to make some lovely mini skeins of wool yarn. I ordinarily resort to the "park and draft" method of spinning with my drop spindle. If you're not familiar with it, it is where you build up the twist on your fiber, then park the spindle, or sit it stationary, while you draft the fiber out, or pull the fiber out as the twist spreads up it. It is much slower than actually dropping the spindle. I compare it to using training wheels, but it does get the job done and produce some nice quality mini skeins of yarn.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my little yarn skeins. They are only 5 - 15 yards each. Really not enough to knit or crochet with, but I think that they will make lovely embellishments or add-ins on felted items. I've also listed some matching yarn and bead kits in my Etsy shop for others to use for embellishment, sewing, crafting, felting, etc., etc., so please check it out.


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  2. Pretty pretties.
    You should put them all together on the drop spindle and make one big self striping yarn! Those spindles hold more than you think... just keep adding it on and fill er up! I still use my spindle as much as my wheel.
    They look great!
    Happy Spinning.

  3. Hi Holly,
    I need to try that :O) I see that you've added some lovely items to your etsy shop (!

    --Shalana (thefunkyfelter)


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