Monday, July 16, 2007

Yay! Kansas City Etsy Street Team is official!

Well, it is about time that the Kansas City metro area had its very own Street Team on Etsy! I'm super excited about being part of a local group of hard working, creative artists and crafters. For those of you who don't know what an Etsy Street Team is, this is the explanation according to Etsy themselves: "A ’street team’ is a group of people who choose to get together, based on either location (which is where the name street team comes from - traditionally it’s people in your city) or based on interest (what you make, a common goal, etc) and promote Etsy!" You can read more about Street Teams here. Also, take a peak at the new Kansas City Street Team profile for complete information.

So far, we have a wonderful group of Etsy sellers representing a wide array of artistic talents. Our members include Hatstravaganza, Soapmania, Baxtershouse, scottgarrette, bellaveda, thefunkyfelter, gelly, sockcats, sockdogs, LaurenAlexander. Stephanie of Soapmania and Hatstravaganza organized the group and has stepped into its leadership position. I really appreciate her efforts and great ideas. If you are a local artist or crafter with an active Etsy shop, you might be interested in joining the new KC metro area street team. Please contact Stephanie and check out our Yahoo Group too. We're just in the beginning stages so it is a great time to get involved!

Oh, and by the way, I designed the KC Etsy Street Team banner! I'm normally not one to toot my own horn, but I really like our banner, and it shows the graphic artist side of me too - yah, I'm not just a fiber artist after all.

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  1. Your Kansas City Street Team sounds great! Almost makes me wish that I lived in a big city. Notice I said Almost.
    Isn't it nice that someone else is taking charge of the group? I so appreciate your leadership with EtsyFAST.


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