Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Funky's Felted Soap in a Sweater makes its local television news debut on Fox!

Our local Fox 4 News recently did a short feature on the Kansas City Etsy Street Team and buying handmade for Valentine's Day. My felted soap in a sweater was one of the items highlighted. You can view the entire video here. Somewhere in the middle of the piece, I'm featured holding and talking about my felted soaps (no close-up head shots, thank goodness!). The news segment also has several members of our local KCEtsy team along with their terrific handcrafted items.

By the way, I'm working on more felted soaps to sell in my Etsy shop and hope to have new listings up for them soon. They just seem to sell out more quickly (especially in public venues) than I can make them.


  1. Wow! This is very exciting news ... congratulations from your flickr group treasuriesrock friends!

  2. How cool to get your soap on the news! Congratulations!


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