Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dipping into the Dye Pot - dyeing chiffon silk scarves for nuno felting

Last week I had ordered supplies. Yesterday most of them arrived including some wool as well as a package of silk fabric. I was very excited and eager to finally get some brand new wool, silk, and etc., to work with so last night I dyed some of the silk scarves that I purchased. I was pleasantly surprised with the nice variety of colors that I ended up with. In the photos you can see the golden yellow, sage green, dark plum, and soft blue colors. The first photo is of the actual dye pot simmering with the golden yellow dye and silk in it. The second photo is of my scarves hanging to dry, and the third photo is a pile of my results so that you can see the colors.

Sometimes I buy my silks and wool already dyed and sometimes I choose to dye or over dye them myself. This is one of those instances when I felt like dyeing (ha!).

These scarves are destined to be nuno felted eventually. I day dream about all the wonderful wool/silk color combinations possible!


  1. Oooo that yellow is just gorgeous!! Very vibrant and warm!

  2. Lovely colours, can't wait to see the nuno scarves!

  3. I just love pictures of things in dyepots, and that Orange is fantastic!


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