Monday, August 18, 2008

A Drive Through the Countryside

It has been a while since I've posted. I've been busy preparing for my upcoming teaching semester. Classes start tomorrow so I've had to work on my curriculum and make oodles of printouts. Today, I'm just sharing a little personal tidbit, but I do have some more business resource articles in the works as well as some fiber art articles so stay tuned. I hope to have more time to post regularly this week.

The weekend before last, my husband and I took our Irish Setter, Cinnamon, and went for a drive in the countryside. We would eventually like to own several acres of our own land and have some fiber animals. Usually one weekend a month, we go exploring to check out possible land to buy and different areas of the region that we live in. On our last exploration trip, we took our furry kid, Cinnamon, with us. She loves, loves, loves to hang her head out the window and catch the wind in her mouth. She'll run back and forth from side to side in our back seat to switch off windows and sniff the air. I managed to catch this photo of her in our side mirror and thought that it was cute even if it isn't the best quality. We've thought about eventually buying her some doggles (dog goggles) to wear. She is a little fashion princess anyway so she'd probably love them, and they'd protect her eyes too.

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