Thursday, September 04, 2008

EEP! Hungry Hungry Hippos! My great little pencil case from alliebeans!

I just had to share my new hippo print pencil case that I bought from alliebeans! I think it is perhaps the cutest thing that I've ever purchased on Etsy, and it came so nicely packaged with a neat little thank you note too! I plan to eventually buy the matching baby box pouch which is totally adorable. I needed the new pencil case to carry all my pens, pencils, etc., in back and forth to the college while teaching. I rarely buy stuff for myself on Etsy unless it is supplies, but I splurged on myself this time and realized that I need to do that a little more often. Now go visit alliebeans or another cute Etsy shop and splurge on yourself. And, if you really do it (which you should!), leave a link in the comments to what you've bought - c'mon show and tell!


  1. Super cute case! I bought some promo magnets today for giveaways at my upcoming craft fairs. That counts as a splurge, right? ;-)

  2. that is the cutest thing ever!aww


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