Monday, November 17, 2008

Buttons, Banners, Backgrounds, and More! Easy online help to make your indie business brand look better.

I realized this morning that it had been a while since I posted some useful resources for indie business. Part of my role as an indie business owner is constantly researching how to improve it. A lot of times, this has to do directly with fiber art and feltmaking, but it also means dealing with developing my "funky felter" brand as well as the more technical details of the business end.

While researching recently, I came across a few neat websites that can help you with making banners, avatars, buttons, and more for your Etsy shop, website, blog, or whatever you need. A couple of these sites provide free backgrounds and digital photos and images. The other two are sites that can actually help you build buttons, banners, ads, avatars, and more. You can make them online without the use of any software on your own computer which is very handy. Although I haven't had a chance yet to explore every detail of these sites, I thought that I'd go ahead and share with you so that you can be exploring while I am too. Hopefully you will find them to be useful.

For Background Photos/Images
Grunge Textures

For Creating Banners, Buttons, Etc.
Cool Text
Banner Sketch

If you have a link to a great site for free backgrounds, banners, avatars, buttons, etc., please share it in the comments.


  1. Hi Shalana,

    Are you familiar with Smashing Magazine?

    It has hundreds of freebies, tools, tutorials and articles. I subscribe to it and read about something new every day. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks to your posting I was able to obtain and post a free banner and button, thanks bunches! Love your site too...


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