Monday, November 24, 2008

Publishing update . . . a bit of a bummer, but that is okay

I just wanted to update you about the post that I made previously today on authoring an upcoming felt book for kids. I thought that I had waited until it was safe (more than 5 months) to share the news, but I just heard word from the publisher today by email that they are pushing off the book until this coming summer and maybe longer. Everything is at a halt for now.

Well, at least it wasn't canceled completely. I can count my blessings for that! And, now I can relax a bit for a few months and work on some other things that I need to get accomplished. I guess that it all worked out for the best for now considering my schedule, but I am a wee bit disappointed. Although, I can not complain because I have a very blessed life.

Thanks so much to all of you for the congratulations and well wishes!! I sincerely appreciate my readership here at the blog. You have no idea what impact you have on me and how encouraging I find your comments.

And, I'll definitely keep you informed on what's happening and if they'll be a book eventually. For now, I can turn my attention to business topics and new creations though.


  1. Hopefully, the timing will work out perfectly and you'll find even more awesome things to write about for it in this little break.

    That's so great that it wasn't canceled altogether. I think you'll do great things!

  2. Sorry to hear your book has been put on hold, but fingers crossed they don't change their minds again.

    Hold on in there all will come good!


  3. Oh, no! I hope we didn't jinx you.


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