Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In a car accident yesterday....

Yesterday, on my way to work, I was in a minor car accident. It was quite unsettling actually. Some crazy, bullying driver targeted me. They followed me for a few miles boxing me in and not allowing me to pass. He would speed up and slow down when I did and was continually going around me and in front and behind me. Then he pulled up beside me laughing, pointing his fingers, and waving at me. Since it was a very cloudy day, it was odd to me that the male driver had dark sunglasses on as well as a dark baseball cap and dark, long sleeve jacket. Personally, I feel that he was choosing to be mean to me and bully me, and he seemed to be having a good time terrifying me.

His reckless, bullying actions resulted in me being literally ran off the road. I honked at him once as if to say "Leave me alone!" but this did no good. I eventually lost control of my car when he was passing me for yet another time while making gestures. My car swerved to the left and right. Then it did a complete circle and went into the wide grass median between the divided highway. After that, I ended up cutting across oncoming traffic and was finally able to get my car to the side of the road without being hit by anyone. Thank God!!

The actual accident only lasted a few minutes, but was quite terrifying. I've wondered what I did to instigate anything from the out-of-control other driver, but the truth is that I can not think of anything. I did not cut him off or otherwise bother him - I'm convinced that he targeted me for whatever twisted reason he had - entertainment, amusement, or more sinister. That is most frightening of all. The fact that a grown man would target a pregnant woman driving a station wagon is unreal to me!

I am grateful, that after several hours at the hospital yesterday, myself and my unborn child checked out okay. I consider it a blessing that the accident was not worse than it was and that no more damage to my vehicle and myself were done. It could have been much worse, but I know that God was watching over me. The accident has made me realize how so many things are truly out of our control. Although, I might have reacted better by just pulling my car over at some point (which I will in the future), I do feel that this is one of those freak things that just happens to you. It has made me think about things a little differently though and realize how grateful I am for the life that I have just as it is.

As for the crazy, out-of-control driver, I did not get his license plate number, and he was quick to speed away from the accident - what a surprise, huh! Actually, of all the cars on the road during the accident, only one stopped - a very nice man in a large cement truck came to my rescue which I'm so thankful for. He told the 911 operator my location as well as directed traffic around me. No one else seemed to care at all and sped on by. That is so sad to me!! The police told me that they really couldn't do anything about the bullying driver without a license number. I only knew the color of the car and model and that really wasn't enough to go by. When I got to the hospital, the nurses commented that that particular stretch of highway got a lot of road rage accidents and people being forced off the road. I guess that I was just the latest victim. From now on, I will be much more alert on my way to work as well as react better if ever in such a situation again. Like I said before, I am thankful for the outcome, but I also hope that it never happens again!

Have a blessed, accident-free day!


  1. Sounds truly terrifying. I'm so glad you and your baby are OK. I wish there was more that the police could do to get guys like that off the road!

  2. Oh Dear! How can this happen? And how can nobody care? It is very scary. I hope that won't happen again.
    The main thing is that you and your kid are safe.
    Take good care.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about that awful driver and the accident he caused!

    Glad that you and baby are okay!

    Sending a hug,
    Lynn from For Love or Funny

  4. Oh, how absolutely horrible for you. As if it weren't bad enough for something like that to happen, for it to happen while you're pregnant...!!! I'm just so grateful both you and your child are okay. Some people are just evil and there's no point in trying to understand why they do things. *hugs*

  5. wow, that is so scary! I'm glad to hear that no one was hurt!

  6. So glad that you and baby are OK. This happened to me once. Someone in an SUV came speeding up and honking his horn. Luckly we just pulled off the road. But two other cars were put in the ditch. Crazy.

  7. That is frightening and sad. So sorry that you had to go through that but so glad you and the little one are alright.

    Whether or not the police can go after this person, with or without a license #, at this point doesnt matter. Please make sure that you file a registered complaint at the police station so that it is on record. If this idiot is involved again, with someone else, your information will be important. Please do that if you havent.

    stay safe.... and now relax...


  8. It doesn't sound like road rage, but deliberate attempt to hurt and innocent person. I'm really glad that you are ok, and I hope that that person is caught and put away.

  9. gosh that sounds dreadful! what on earth would possess someone to behave that way?! i'm so glad you're both ok :)x

  10. Wow, that stinks big time but I am SO glad you two are ok.

    At my day job (for an insurance company), I'm the voice on the phone when people call in to set up a claim for a car accident. I hear about this kind of thing now and then and it always upsets me when I hear about idiots like that jerk you encountered. What a relief it didn't turn out worse...

  11. I'm so happy you and the baby are ok. What a horrible thing for someone to do!

  12. How awful!! I can't even imagine being subjected to someone else's sick joke. I've encountered some drivers like that but never one that relentless. And with you being pregnant - you must've really been shaken up. Are you having anxiety driving since? I've been off the grid for a bit and have been catching up today during one of my least favorite past times at work (pumping). I love your crib bedding! And congrats on having a girl!! I'm so excited for you!!! Keep your FB updates coming. :)

  13. oh, how scary for you and your family. i'm mad. but so glad you are okay... don't want one of our online sistas hurt or scared...

  14. That's awful, what a scary situation, glad you and the baby are OK.


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