Friday, June 19, 2009

A Recap of Some Feltmaking Resource Info and a Little Show-and-Tell Nuno Felted Scarf

Being preoccupied (to say the least!) with baby on the way, I haven't been a very good blogger when it comes to feltmaking and fiber arts. My apologies! Hopefully, today I can rectify that a bit by posting a recap of some useful feltmaking resources as well as sharing a nuno felted scarf that I completed a few weeks ago.

On to the resource info............
As some of you might have read in my previous post, I was suppose to do a feltmaking demo for a fiber arts class on Wednesday, but due to my contractions and order of rest by the doctor's office, I just couldn't physically do the tutorial that I had planned. I did however make a little info sheet for the class with some feltmaking resources listed. I thought that I'd share those with you. Some of the info, I have posted before, but it has been several months so I thought that a recap might be appreciated, and perhaps it will redeem myself for being so very neglectful in not posting more fiber art and feltmaking related things. Below you'll find some of my favorite resources - both in print and online. Please be aware that what you see below are just a few of the numerous good sources to go to for information and supplies. There are many, many more! And, if you are interested in expanding your horizons, I also suggest that you check out my blog roll in the right hand side bar. It is filled with fiber art and feltmaking related blogs. Also, please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite information and supply resources. I love it when readers share, and I learn so much!

Suggested Book Resources
Uniquely Felt by Christine White (my favorite of all time!)
Felt to Stitch by Sheila Smith
Feltmaking - Fabulous Wearables, Jewelry & Home Accents by Chad Alice Hagen
The Art of Feltmaking by Anne Vickrey
(These are just a few of my favorites, but really any feltmaking book that you can get your hands on will be inspiring and helpful so check out your local library or bookstore!)

Suggested Online Resources
The Felting Forum
Feltmaker’s List FAQ
Craftster’s Fiber Art Forum
Craft Gossip’s Felting Blog
(Once again, these are just a few of my favorites. There is an amazing amount of free online resources for feltmakers out there so search and browse the net. It is worth your time!)

Suggested Supply Sources

The Sheep Shed Studio
R.H. Lindsay Company

The Yarn Barn
Halcyon Yarn
Outback Fibers
Mielke’s Fiber Arts

Thai Silks
Dharma Trading Co.

I was also scheduled to do demonstrations on wet felting for the class. I had planned to show students both the roll or bubble wrap method for a nuno felted scarf as well as the resist method for a purse base. Obviously, this didn't happen, but I did find some wonderful online tutorials for both and was able to pass that information along to the students. I thought that you might be interested as well. (I have the greatest admiration for both feltmakers, Pat Spark and Nicola Brown, who have provided such wonderful and free online information. They are professionals to aspire to. Thanks to them for sharing!)

Suggested Online Tutorials
Making a Flat Sheet of Felt by Pat Spark
How to Make a Nuno Felted Scarf by Nicola Brown
3-D Feltmaking Enlosed Resist Technique by Pat Spark

So that's my little recap of feltmaking information and supply resources. I hope that you find it to be somewhat useful and decide to add your own suggestions in the comments.

Now on to my Show-and-Tell for the day........ a nuno felted scarf. I made this scarf a
few weeks ago and had forgotten to post it until today. As you might notice, I am also working on my photos. I've decided to clean up the backgrounds and stick to a basic white. So far, I think it is working well and looks more professional, but you can let me know what you think.


  1. wow, so beautiful. I just adore the color!

  2. Yes looks moore professional the white background and I like it, but looks less passionate. I also have this dilema with my photos :)
    But if you make one catalog is very important to have a same background or backgrounds in harmony. And harmony can be the same tema in variations, nature, doors, windows, walls (my favorite, what i would like to do), the sky, wool, glass etc.

  3. I would also like to suggest as a valuable resource:
    Free video tutorials on felt making.


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