Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you into Twitter? Check out TweetDeck and Follow Me!

I have just recently started to use Twitter regularly.  I had tried it in the past, and it just seemed like a lot to keep up with since I do have a new baby at home now.  I discovered TweetDeck though, and it has made keeping up with things SO much easier!!  I highly recommend it.  You do have to download it though, but it is a wonderful application that allows you to easily post to twitter, facebook, and myspace all from the same place.  You can also check all the options on those applications in one place.  It saves me a bunch of time and is super easy to use.  If you do a lot of promoting for your business, check it out and consider downloading it.  I feel it is totally worth it!

And, if you tweet, please......
Follow thefunkyfelter on Twitter

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