Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Coming Soon! Rubber Stamps for the Fiber Artist, Feltmaker, Knitter, Crocheter, Spinner, Seamstress, and More! Great for Labels and Hang Tags!

If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter, some of you know that I will be opening a second Etsy shop soon to destash some of my many, many crafty and fiber supplies as well as to sell my rubber stamps.  The rubber stamps are what I am most excited about because each was either hand drawn or created digitally from scratch by me.  Although I consider myself a feltmaker, I am also an illustrator and graphic designer.  I am very excited about opening my new shop!

As you can see in the image above, I have made several stamps that are fiber art related.  I did this because I know that they are difficult to find yet really helpful if you want to make clothing labels, hang tags, and other promotional items.  The image above is just a sampling of the 25+ of this kind that will be available.  There will also be many other rubber stamp designs of my artwork including all sorts of animals and nature related images. 

If all goes according to plan, my new shop should be open by the middle of December which is soon approaching.  If you are a fiber artist in need of some labeling stamps or a scrapbooking or cardmaking fanatic, please bookmark my new Etsy shop or "heart" it to find later.  Also, I will be doing some custom design stamps and custom digital artwork/promos on a limited basis (which I especially love to do for my fellow fiber artists!).

And, if you haven't joined my monthly email newsletter list, please do!  There will be great discounts for my new shop in the next issue plus my current fiber shop.

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  1. Those are really cute! Are you using a company to make them?

  2. Hi Candice :) Your stamps are really cute! My stamp making plans are still in the works. I won't be individually carving them like your stamps though (too busy with my 4 month old!), but their are other ways to make them by hand so I'm debating what route to take with that eventually.

    It is so nice to see another local stamp designer. I don't think that I'd seen your Etsy shop before, but it is really a gem!

  3. HI! We talked before, but it was probably when I was still selling mainly greeting cards and not stamps. I'm in the KC Etsy team too. Yes, hand carving sometimes can be super tedious! I've been trying to think of ways to streamline my process, plus my rubber manufacturer is having issues so I'm a little worried about that.

    I've thought of doing acrylic stamps, and have found some photopolymer kits. They are really expensive though so who knows.

  4. So sorry Candice that I didn't remember chatting with you! Since the baby was born (and even before), I haven't been as active with the local Etsy team, and everyone gets jumbled in my crazy head ;) Personally, I researched about rubber stamps for a few months before I decided to take the plunge into selling my own designs. I just recommend many hours of research for you to find what works for you. Best wishes!

  5. Hey! good news! Im going to subscribe to your newsletter... I love those stamps!


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