Thursday, January 21, 2010

If you are a feltmaker, needle felter, or lover of all things fiber and wool, and you are not there, then you're missing out!

Whoa!  That's a long post title, but it is true!  I just had to put in a plug for the fabulous Felting Forum.  I always recommend it to beginning feltmakers and needle felters when they contact me for resource information.  This forum is full, full, full of super talented professional and amateur fiber artists who felt all kinds of neat handmade felted wool items and/or sell great supplies for felting.  I must admit that I lurk there and read post after post.  Only recently have I become more active in posting and responding to posts myself.  If you aren't already a forum member there, then please join me.  It is worth your time!


  1. It's true. The Felting Form is free and fabulous. Come on over!

  2. Thanks for passing on this resource -- look forward to perusing the posts.

  3. I'm a member, but not active. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. A brilliant blog as per-usual!I have nominated you a Sunshine Blog Award. x


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