Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Fruit of My First Spinning Class... A Sweet 2-ply Hand Spun Yarn!

Today I had my first spinning class and learned to make hand spun yarn on a wheel.  In the photo above is the fruit of my labor.  The yarn that I made today is 42 yards of 2-ply with wool and silk fibers mixed.   The six hour class was somewhat exhausting both physically and mentally, but I learned quite a lot.  Overall, I was satisfied with my learning experience.  My only wish is that I had gotten to spin on more than one kind of wheel.  I was only able to use a Kromski Minstrel wheel.  I liked it, but I haven't ever used anything else and would really like to get a feel for other wheels before getting one of my own.  At least I have begun the journey of spinning though.  With many other things preoccupying my time right now, I am uncertain if I will be taking the plunge and purchasing a spinning wheel of my own anytime soon, but it certainly could be in my future.


  1. Hahaha, Shalana...when I read the title of your blog post, I was thinking 'spinning class' a gym...for new mommies. Actually, though, there wouldn't be much to show for one spinning class of that kind, and what you've managed to create in this spinning class is amazing!! Yay, you!!!

  2. Great Yarn! - way to go - would love to touch it - looks silky. I'm sure was a long day for you but, once again, you're plunging forward. I'm sure it's in your future!

  3. Congrats on your 1st spin!!! You know you must save this skein and never knit with it. Hide it in a drawer. In two years go back and compare it to how you spin then. Yours looks really nice...mine is a big old oompa lumpa of wads of fiber.


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