Saturday, March 20, 2010

Funky Felter Woolly Fiber Batts for Felting and Spinning now available in my Etsy Fiber Shop with more to come!

I'm having a blast carding batts on my new drum carder!  Making colorful wool batts is really a fiber art form in itself.  Although I am definitely keeping some of my yummy, yummy batts for felting and spinning, I am also selling some of them in my Etsy Fiber Shop.  I have listed a few woolly batts today and will continue to list many more for sale in the coming days.  I hand dye most of the fiber for my batts as well as card them several times.  My batts are soft and smooth and ideal for the feltmaker or spinner.  Since I am a fiber addict artist myself, I always make my batts with the fiber artist in mind!

Here's a glimpse of what I've done so far...


  1. they look so so soft and the colors are awesome... =D

  2. Very pretty, I especially like the blue with the apricot? peaking through-it shows the softness of your layers.

  3. Pretty colours. Isn't it great to mix up colours.

  4. Oh, Shalana, I love your batts, marvelous! I'll be purchasing some slln.


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