Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Do you ever just feel off?  I mean creatively speaking...

After my baby girl was born last July, I haven't really felt like my old creative self.  I know that a lot of energies are going into being a mom now, and I gladly accept that.  Just recently I actually started to feel like felting again, but it seems that everything that I try to do is a flop.  I've made two purses this week... one is marginally ok (not spectacular as I'd wished)... and the other one that I had even higher hopes for actually fell apart during wet felting (that's never happened to me before!).

I feel as if I am rather starting over with feltmaking.  I know that I am a bit out of practice, but my knowledge is the same, yet something is different.  I have grand ideas, but it seems that I'm just a bit off right now.  I hope it is just a short-lived phase that will pass very quickly.  I have creative ideas that I'd like to make happen...

I'm hoping that perhaps this kind of things happens to every fiber artist at some point, and that I can work through it...

big *sigh*


  1. Oh, definitely. I've been "off" since a month before a big move and now it is nearly a month after. I haven't gone near my wool except to pack and unpack it. But it will come back when things are more settled.

  2. I think this happens to everyone. I know it has happened to me. Hang in there - and it will pass!

  3. Oh, I know you will reach the other side! I think as we evolve, we just naturally start doing new things (including the "duds")that feel off kilter. I remember teaching a beginner and actually forgetting for a moment "how" I felted as it comes so intuitively, I could not remember the step-by-step. After not making a landscape for my own work in years, I realized the way I would do so has evolved in a way that results in a very different looking result. Maybe you will have the pre-baby felts and the post-baby felts. This is a turning point and, while the time spent with the not-so-great pieces feels like wasted time, your hands will remember and good will come of it. Just keep felting :o) <3

  4. It appears that we are in the same boat Frugal Kiwi... hopefully it will pass soon for both of us ;O)

    Thanks so much for the encouragement ColorSlut :) I'm riding it out.

    And, Andrea, I hope you are right about "pre-baby felts and the post-baby felts." I do feel like it is a changing point in my life in many ways so hopefully my fiber art endeavors will ultimately show positively for it :) Thanks for the encouraging words of experience!

  5. Hello Shalana, I think we all have some periods in our lives that we have the blues. But I'm agree with what Andrea sad that your hands will remember. After all, you are and will be forever a Funky Felter!
    You said "I have grand ideas·" The ideas are there already, believe that the rest will folow !

  6. When your mind is preoccupied with a child nothing is the same. When my last one went off to school I read novels for several months and did nothing creative. Finally things got back to normal and I began my creative projects once again. Since my Grandson came along I have done nothing much these last three months but worry about him and my daughter! LOL Like I did not give birth, but it is a silly concern about them both. My daughter is back to her job with a loving aunt caring for our baby and she is doing fine and got a promotion and a fat raise because they missed her while she was on her ten week maternity break. I keep thinking I am going to make felted soap from the kit I bought from you, but I have it sitting here and it is so cool here that I do not want wet cold hands right now. So as we evolve our responsibilities in life truly affects our creativity that always comes back when some awesome idea hits you. It does not have to be felting; it could be redecorating something or redoing a found piece of furniture. I am sure you will find your way back to felting, maybe you are trying too hard.


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