Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Picmonkey makes editing photos super fun! Seriously, super fun!

Just a word about the usefulness of Picmonkey!

Picmonkey online photo editor

First of all, let me say that this not a sponsored or paid endorsement. It is just something that I wanted to share because I've found Picmonkey to be so fun and useful in editing photos. I have an extensive background in graphic design having a degree in the field and also having worked as a designer and design instructor. I know how to use all of the expensive graphic software for photo editing, but I recently purchased a different brand laptop and my old software wasn't compatible with it so I went searching for free open source graphic software or online editing solutions. That's when I came across Picmonkey.

I've used a lot of software and online editors over the past 15+ years for editing photos and each has their own quirks and strengths. For a free, simple and super fun way to edit photos online, I found Picmonkey to be stellar. I don't personally have the paid version (yet) but have found that their free tools work just fine for all the basics plus some bells and whistles like adding frames and labels. You can also make neat photo collages. And, the part I like most is that the interface is FUN and very easy to use. I'm not much to play around with photo editing because I'd rather be physically crafting, but I've found myself playing around quite a lot on Picmonkey.

So if you need a reliable, free photo editor that's s to use, I recommend visiting Picmonkey and trying it out. Have you used it before? Do you have other suggestions for good online editors or open source graphics software? Please comment and share your experience. I'd love to find some more sources to use.

Click here to visit Picmonkey!


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