Monday, August 25, 2014

Free Felt Orange Slice Pattern Printable

Felt Orange Slice Earrings Craft Pattern 

Free Printable Download

free felt orange slice earrings printable pattern by the funky felter

We're at the tail end of summer here in Missouri. (I can smell Autumn in the air some mornings and am soooooooo excited for it to come!) To send out summer with a bang, why not rock some bright orange slice earrings? These cuties are quick and easy to make with your craft felt scraps. Switch the felt and thread colors up to make lemons or limes using shades of yellow or green. You can also up size or down size the pattern to turn this into an applique or other embellishment for fabric. And, don't forget the kiddos! Wouldn't this be an adorable hair clip or headband for your little girl? Quickly whip up a set of lemon, lime and orange for her!


light and dark orange felt sheets
dark orange embroidery floss and tapestry needle
scissors and pencil
2 earring posts and 2 jump rings
needle nose pliers
hot glue gun and glue sticks (optional) 


Although it isn't a necessity, it can make your work go faster if you use a hot glue gun to lightly adhere the felt cutouts together before stitching. Just be sure not to glue where you plan to stitch because it can be a pain to sew through the super stiff adhesive.


1. Get the free felt orange slice printable pattern here. (If sharing, please link to this post directly and not the printable itself.) Print the pattern and follow the instructions below.

2. Trace the pattern on the appropriate colored felt. Cut 2 each light and dark colored felt slices.

3. Overlap each set of light and dark colored felt slices. (Be sure to flip one set over for a facing pair of orange slice earrings.) 

4. At this point, if you want, use hot glue to lightly tack the pieces together. Then use dark orange embroidery floss and a tapestry needle to stitch the outlines as indicated by dotted lines on the printable pattern. A backstitch or running stitch can be used or whatever works for you. (And, if you aren't into sewing, then use a steady hand and a fine tip permanent marker for the lines instead and be sure to hot glue the pieces together well.)

5. Finally use the needle nose pliers to attach the earring posts to the jump rings. Then poke a jump ring gently through the corner edge of each felt slice and close ring with pliers. You're all set with some snazzy end of summer earrings!

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