Friday, October 10, 2014

Felted Ball Halloween Bat for Kids

Handmade Halloween Bat Tutorial 

A cute kid's craft using a felted wool ball and stiffened felt craft sheets!

kids craft tutorial for a cute felt halloween bat

This happy Halloween bat has a felted wool ball for the base. Then I used stiffened craft felt sheets for the wings, nose and teeth along with extra large wiggle eyes. This is a fun project for children of all ages!

First, visit the craft tutorial on how to make giant felted wool balls here. Make at least one of these using black wool. They are very easy to create in four quick steps and only a few supplies using your washing machine.

MATERIALS (not including the felted ball base above):

Stiffened craft felt in black, white and hot pink
Extra large wiggle eyes (about 1 inch wide)
1/8 inch wide hot pink satin ribbon for hanging
Hot glue gun with glue sticks (or substitute thick tacky glue for young children)
Scissors and chalk for outlining the wings


For the bat wings, use chalk to freehand draw two wing outlines on the black stiffened felt. Be sure to make the end you are going to glue have a small tab as seen in the photos. The wings need not be perfectly matching! Mine were slightly different sizes and shapes, but my little handmade bat turned out pretty cute anyway. 

Cut out your wings. Then freehand cut two varying size triangles for the bat fangs from white stiffened felt and a small circle for the nose from hot pink stiffened felt.

craft tutorial on how to make a felted wool ball halloween bat by the funky felter

Use hot glue to adhere the wings , on the tab area, to opposite sides of your giant felted wool ball. Fold the stiffened felt where the tab area meets the angle of the wing. Bend each wing out once the glue dries. 

Then hot glue on the eyes, nose and fangs centered between the wings. Finally cut an 8 inch or longer piece of thin ribbon knotting the ends. Hot glue the knotted end centered on the top for a hanger.

If young children are making this, they will need adult supervision using the hot glue gun. You could substitute thick tacky glue letting all the pieces dry in place over night instead. For the best glues to use on various kinds of felt, check out my post here. I give my top choices for adhesives along with pros, cons and helpful tips.

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