Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crocheted Christmas Reindeer in Progress

WIP Wednesday - Crocheting a Reindeer 

I'm making handmade crocheted gifts for Christmas this week!

WIP Wednesday crocheting a Christmas reindeer by the funky felter

This year I have thankfully had a lot more time to sit and crochet. In the past few weeks, I've been working on some holiday characters like my daughter's snowman pattern posted earlier this week and now this little guy - a crocheted Christmas reindeer. I'll be posting the full pattern and craft tutorial for him in a couple weeks. 

I crocheted the body using cotton yarn and then sculpted the features from polymer clay. I thought about making them through stitching too, but I felt the polymer clay would be a little less time consuming and allow me to add some quirky personality to the little guy. I'm not sure if he's Rudolph, or perhaps, more likely one of his crazy cousins - the kind that cause trouble at your family holiday gathering. His eyes are a bit buggy and shifty looking ;-) If you'd like to see what Rudolph's crazy cousin ends up looking like, please check back in a couple weeks for the free crochet pattern and craft tutorial! 

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