Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crocheted Snowman Work in Progress

WIP Wednesday - A Snowman Army

my crocheted works in progress for handmade holiday gifts

the funky felter WIP wednesday crocheted snowman with friends

If you saw my last WIP Wednesday post, then you know that I kind of got ahead of myself and stuffed my crocheted snowmen before turning them right side out - now I have several wrong-sided or "outy" snowmen. Oh, well, it happens when crafting like a maniac! So here's my new progress report to share. 

I added even more to the little army of "outy" snowmen and am now putting on faces and other embellishments. Woohoo! Now this is where I get to give each of the little guys or gals personalities and I love this part of the process! I even hand sculpted the carrot noses from polymer clay (that craft tutorial is coming up next week if you're interested).

crocheted snowman work in progress photo with handmade carrot nose by the funky felter

To see what my snowman army ends up like, please stay tuned over the rest of November and beginning of December (geez, it is so close, isn't it?). In the next few weeks, I'll post photos of finished little crocheted snowmen and also a few brand spanking new FREE crochet patterns for amigurumi holiday crochet figures and other crochet projects I've been working on. Yes, the funky felter puts down her felting needle to crochet occasionally - especially for upcoming holiday gifts! 

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