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Free Crocheted Snowman Holiday Pattern

Quick & Easy Snowman Gift to Crochet

Stitch up several of these for handmade holiday gifts this year!

Quick and easy free crochet snowman pattern by the funky felter

I promised another snowman pattern a while back and here it is. This one I made for my daughter and she picked the bright colored hat and scarf. This new free pattern is for a bit taller one than the last free crocheted snowman pattern I posted. As with the other pattern, this one is also very quick and easy to make using cotton yarn. 

This amigurumi snowman body can be stitched up in about an hour (or less if you are fast) with the accessorized hat and scarf taking about the same amount of time. Find the craft tutorial for the polymer clay eyes and nose here. These are also very simple to make quickly with very little skill needed. I used embroidery thread to stitch on the crooked smile and buttons down the chest.

free crocheted snowman pattern for holiday gifts by the funky felter

Free Crocheted Snowman Holiday Pattern:

Crochet materials needed:
Size G/6 hook
White cotton yarn for the body
Choice of cotton yarn for the hat and scarf
Polymer clay button eyes and nose
Buttons for the chest
Embroidery floss with tapestry needle (brown for mouth, green for buttons)
Scissors & Polyfill (or comparable stuffing)


Note: Work in continuous rounds throughout the patterns. I recommend using a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round for tracking them as you go more easily.

Make a magic ring, 6 sc into ring and pull tight. 
Rnd 1: 2 sc in each st. around (12 sts.)
Rnds 2-6: sc in each st. around (12 sts.)
Rnd 7: sc2tog around (6 sts., head is formed)
Rnd 8: 2 sc in each st. around (increase to 12 sts., starting the body)
Rnd 9: [sc in next st., 2 sc in next st.] around (18 sts.)
Rnd 10: [sc in next 2 sts., 2 sc in next st.] around (24 sts.)
Rnds 11-20: sc in each st. around (24 sts.)
Note: At this point, I recommend you flip the snowman right side out if you prefer it that way. I left mine wrong side out as seen in the photo. Do whatever you prefer. Then stuff it with polyfill before starting the decreases in the next rounds. Also, if it becomes difficult to decrease down to the 3 sts. in Rnd 23, you can stop in the previous Rnd, tighten and tie off. I like to decrease as far as possible personally, but do what works for you!
Rnd 21: sc2tog around (decrease to 12 sts.)
Rnd 22: sc2tog around (decrease to 6 sts.)
Rnd 23: sc2tog around (decrease to 3 sts.)
Tie off and weave in ends.

Ch. 5. In 3rd chain from hook, hdc in each remaining ch. (4 sts. total with first two chains counting as the first stitch). Ch. 2 and turn. Then [hdc in each st. across, ch. 2, turn] repeat rows until the scarf reaches about 12 inches in length. Tie off and weave in ends.
Note: This is a very simple length of half double crochet stitches forming a skinny scarf. You can use any simple stitch you like for this including single crochets or double crochets, or a combination of repetitive stitches. Be sure to accommodate the first stitch with the appropriate amount of chains though so you don't end up with uneven rows.

Note: For the cone shaped crocheted hat, I used this craft tutorial by Cara Medus on forming amigurumi cone shapes as a guide. The photos and written instructions are very helpful in creating all sorts of handmade crocheted hats. The instructions below are my own unique adaptations for making my crocheted snowman's cone hat as seen in the photo.

Make a magic ring, 6 sc into ring and pull tight.
Rnd 1: 2 sc in next st, sc in each remaining st. (7 sts.)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in next st, sc in each remaining st. (8 sts.)
Rnd 3: 2 sc in next st, sc in each remaining st. (9 sts.) .....and so on, increasing by 1 stitch for each new round.

Repeat this stitch pattern for as many rnds as you like until you have the desired cone height for your hat. I think I crocheted about 15 rnds before stopping. On the last rnd, I only completed half the circle leaving the rnd unfinished. I did this to create a little curved spot for the front side of the hat so it would nestle the face. It seemed to work nicely. You can do the same or complete your rnd. From the craft tutorial link above on crocheted cone shapes, you can also use a slightly different stitch pattern to make a wider cone hat. I used single crochets, but you can adapt it by using double or half double crochets - the sky's the limit :-)

For the nose and eyes, you can use my polymer clay craft tutorial or improvise. I used embroidery floss to stitch on a mouth and the chest buttons. I also used the same thread to stitch the hat and scarf in place.

Like my little crocheted snowman? I have new patterns and holiday craft tutorials coming up soon. Be sure to follow me or subscribe to my feed on the sidebar to get those posts. Don't miss out!

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