Monday, November 10, 2014

I love the smell of a new paper planner

Looking Forward to the New Year Coming 

Digital or paper planners or both? What do you use?

my new paper planner for 2015 by the funky felter

When I saw this 2015 Deluxe Planner on the shelf at my daughter's school during a mini book fair, I could not resist. I have had a love affair with paper planners since junior high, and I still have some of those well-worn planners packed away in keepsake boxes. 

When I got a smartphone earlier this year (yes, I held out a long time on getting one), I was enamored by all the neat organizing, calendar and planner apps available. I've gone through using several over the months since I got my phone, but nothing has beat my love for a simple, hand-written paper planner. Ah, even the smell of it makes me happy.

I must admit that I put my paper planner aside for a few months after I got my phone thinking that all digital was for me, but I missed it. I missed being able to shuffle through the pages to see what I did on the same day last month or make little doodle notes about projects or plans. Or, just using a good old No. 2 pencil to write neatly my appointments on the large block style calendar. 

When I saw this one, well, I just had to have it! I was using another one that I got on sale just a couple months before having realized how much I missed a paper planner, but that was just a fill-in. This one called to me with it's full page block style calendars, hard covers and, wait for it....pockets. That's what really got me, the front and back pockets.

Do I still use my digital calendar? Oh, yes! It is wonderful to chime and remind me of events which I desperately need the prompt to remember. However, I will probably always use a paper planner too. Maybe it is a bit of nostalgia, or that I get to use my trusty No. 2 pencils with it, or doodle, but the new smell of a paper planner will always have a place in my heart. 

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