Monday, November 03, 2014

Preparing my yarn and hooks for crocheting

Do you like to Crochet? 

prepping my crochet hooks and yarn stash for making holiday gifts

crochet hooks and yarn stash for making holiday gifts by the funky felter

A few weeks ago, I had an outpatient surgery - actually it was my second one this year. This time though, the recovery time has been a little more intense with the first two weeks basically bed rest and the following six weeks sedentary with no lifting or exercise. For a usually active, goal-driven person like myself, I knew up front that the recovery time would be quite challenging. I decided to prep for one of my favorite sedentary crafts - crochet!

A week before surgery, I went through all my yarns, separating out bulky from worsted weight and cotton yarns. I also downloaded and printed a bunch of crochet patterns from Lion Brand and Red Heart yarn sites putting them in binders to flip through. I also like the assortment of adorable crafts on Repeat Crafter Me - great, printable patterns that are free! I have a few of those printed out too.

My printed patterns to keep me busy include a wide variety of hats, cowls, mittens, amigurumi and Christmas ornaments & decor. The plan is to make a bunch of handmade gifts for friends and family. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully, it will keep me seated and out of trouble while I'm healing. (My doctor stressed the importance of not going crazy with housekeeping or DIY projects!)

Later in the month, I'll try to post some of my creations along with pattern links so you can see what I've been up to during my sedentary recovery time. Do you crochet? Or knit? If so, do you make holiday gifts? How early do you like to get started? Let know in the comments what projects you're up to.

And for inspiration, please follow my Crochet Cuteness and Winter Wearables boards on Pinterest. Or just follow me for all my crafty pins!

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