Monday, December 01, 2014

Handmade Needle Felted Bookmark Gifts

Quick & Easy Needle Felt Bookmarks 

make several of these felted wool book markers for holiday gifts

easy to make needle felted wool bookmarks by the funky felter

Have you tried needle felting yet? Whether you are brand new to the needle felt technique or have dabbled in the wool for a while, these little bookmarks are a quick and easy project perfect for gift giving this holiday season.

The bases on mine in the photo above are made from wet felted wool scraps. I cut long rectangle pieces and used a blanket stitch and wool yarn around the edge to finish them off. The crosses were added through needle felting with a miniature cookie cutter as my guide. Find my tutorial for using cookie cutters to needle felt here. In that craft tutorial, I used a larger cookie cutter and no base. It is actually easier to use a base like the felted wool scraps my bookmarks are made of. You simple use the cookie cutter to coral your wool while needle felting directly into the solid base.

For this project, you could also use a thick wool fabric for the base like purchased by the yard at craft stores. I wouldn't recommend the thinner felt craft sheets since they can stretch and distort more easily. And, you can use any cookie cutter shape desired. Although simple, more open shapes usually work better for felting. The miniature cross cookie cutter I used was a little difficult to get the wool into and then needle felt. Shapes like hearts and circles work a bit better for filling with wool. Then once you have it filled with a few layers of wool on your base, just use your felting needle to poke and embed the fibers.

This can also be a great supervised children's project for older kids. Maybe an apple shape embedded on something for their teacher or a name for Grandma? The only limitation is what cookie cutter shapes you can find. This is a fun, easy project for all ages and makes sweet handmade gifts!

I hope your holiday gift making is going well this year (if you are making any!).
Happy Felting!

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