Thursday, December 04, 2014

Handmade Sock Snowman Tutorial

Have you made any of these little snowmen yet? 

Quick and Easy Sock Snowman Craft Tutorial for the Holidays

sock snowman craft tutorial by the funky felter

Towards the beginning of November, I had posted about having a craft party at my church where we created sock snowmen. We had an absolute blast together making these little guys and gals. Recently I whipped up several more to donate to my daughter's school and also for gifts. These are just plain fun to make and soooooo easy! If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. And, it is even better with a group of friends or getting the kids involved.

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Below you'll find several more fun photo examples of my snowman army along with the original tutorial links for the sock snowman bodies and polymer clay carrot noses. I hope you take time to get crafty before Christmas and give these a try :)

sock snowman craft tutorial by the funky felter

how to easily make a sock snowman by the funky felter

handmade sock snowman how to craft tutorial by the funky felter

CLICK HERE for the sock snowman craft tutorial instructions. 

CLICK HERE for the polymer clay carrot nose craft tutorial instructions.

how to make sock snowman easy craft tutorial by the funky felter

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