Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Needle Felted Christmas Ornaments

Adorning the tree with handmade needle felt Christmas ornaments! 

How many handmade holiday ornaments have you created this year?

needle felted wool Christmas ornaments using cookie cutters handmade by the funky felter

The many woolly ornaments you see in the photo above were needle felted several years ago actually...before my daughter was born and I had more time on my hands to sit with my felting needle. I stopped needle felting for a while after she was born (okay so probably a couple years! wow!) because
I was so terribly worried about even the possibility of her getting into those very sharp, barbed felting needles. I have since picked up my felting needles again to make several things, but sadly no new needle felted wool ornaments this year to share.

No, this year, we opted to make polymer clay and salt dough ornaments. We've also decorated several clear and colored plastic bulb ornaments. However, now that my daughter is getting older, I'm hoping we'll make some felted ornaments together some year in the near future - perhaps some easier wet felted ones first before she learns how to use those sharp felting needles. 

For now, I'll share some some needle felt ornaments that I created a long time ago. These were all done using cookie cutters as a guide for the wool while felting the shapes onto a wet felted base. Using cookie cutters is a quick and easy needle felt method with pretty much guaranteed good results for beginners and older children who are learning. I highly recommend giving it a try if you are new to the process of felting.

CLICK HERE for a needle felt tutorial on using cookie cutters as guides.

I hope you have a wonderful season leading up to Christmas! Happy felting!

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