Monday, January 14, 2008

The Winged Woolly Cuff . . . a newly designed felted wool wrist cuff.

This is my latest felt design - a versatile wrist cuff. It is made of all hand felted wool with no metal snaps or velcro necessary for closure. I felt each cuff individually so that there are no two quite alike. In order for them to be fully adjustable, I've added long extensions to each end. These can be wrapped once or multiple times around the wrist before being tied in a bow or knot. They can also be trimmed to fit the length necessary for the individual. For some, the extensions are long enough for the cuff to be used as a funky belt as well.

And where did the name "Winged Woolly Cuff" come from you might ask. Well, I call it "winged" because I designed it to flair out like little wings on all four end points when worn. It can be worn with wings facing open on the top of the wrist or as a standard wrap-around cuff by closing on the bottom of the wrist. It can also be reversible with the center stripe showing or solid without the stripe showing. All together there are at least four ways to wear the woolly cuff along with it being worn as a belt by some too.

If you'd like to see more woolly cuffs or purchase one to wear, please check the Cuffs Section of my Etsy shop. You can also see more photos on my flickr account.

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