Friday, January 11, 2008

Wool Geode Beads! My latest creation of handmade wool beads

These are the newest batch of unusual wool beads that I've made. They are called Geode Beads because they are like geodes - the treasure is inside. Each is really a regularly felted wool ball that has two layers of color. Once they're finished felting, you simply cut the balls in half to make dome shaped geode style beads. You can layer as many colors as you'd like on the inside to have different effects. I highly recommend that you felt these very well if you plan to try them yourself since they are to be cut in half. Make sure that they are felted tightly so that they don't fall apart or fray when cut.

These felted wool geodes are destined to become hair clips, rings, and maybe even some earrings and pendants. For now, I have a wide selection of regular wool bead hair clips and rings in the bubble section of my Etsy shop. And, all my bubble items are on sale right now at 25% off as a "Happy New Year Special" so go check them out as you patiently await the arrival of my geode jewelry.

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