Monday, March 17, 2008

A little bit of non-woolly felted jewelry for the vegans out there & those with wool allergies!

Introducing one of my latest little felted creations - a needle felted bunny made of 100% pure linen! It is completely plant based and derived from flax fibers. If you are a vegan or have wool allergies, this is just the right piece of non-woolly felt for you. Now you can still wear a bit of fuzzy bling and not worry about the wool.

I plan to needle felt more shapes with this bright white linen fiber. Next up are some hearts. I have not yet tried to dye the fibers for more color variety, but that is also in the future so we'll see what happens. Please check my Etsy shop for listings as I gradually add more non-woolly felted jewelry to my established line of felted wool.

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  1. Felted linen... What an interesting idea! And that bunny is so cute!


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