Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Want a flower that is always in bloom? Try these brightly colored needle felted flower rings, pendants, and hair pins!

These flowers are always in bloom for Spring & Summer! They can also be customized from your choice of 15 colors. Each little flower is bright, fun, and a bit funky too. They're also surprisingly durable and lightweight due to their solid needle felted wool base. I create each one individually according the the buyer's color requests.

If you combine a matching ring, pendant, and hair pin like in the second photo, you can have a small wearable garden of forever blooming flowers. I have found that these are also great gifts for teens and tweens when done in their school mascot colors. They are also wonderful wedding favor gifts for your flower girls when done in the wedding colors. And, of course, as with all my other felted jewelry, they are ideal for the young at heart!

You can find several custom custom color listings for flower rings, pendants, and hair pins in the flowers section of my Etsy shop. There's also more images of them in my flickr photos.

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