Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here's a chance for some fabulous fiber art freebies from Craft Gossip's Felting Blog!

Linda Lanese, Craft Gossip's felting blog editor, emailed me today. She asked me to pass along the following great info to all my readers about her blog giveaway. Here's what she's got to say about it:

"You get everything to make a Noni purse, the pattern, yarn and purse frame. Take a look see they are darling a quickies to knit up. Tell all your friends too! This will be our self-involved giveaway. Just leave a comment and tell why you must have this pattern and yarn and with what outfit you would carry one of these three bags and why you want it just for Me-Me-Me!"

You can find much more information about this giveaway special in her original blog post so please go visit and read up on how to have a chance at this great giveaway!

**The image is screen shot from's felting blog. I am in no way affiliated with Craft Gossip or this special giveaway offer. I just think it is nifty!

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