Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Save a buck or two using! A great source for discount promo codes to save you money!

If you're a small business owner or even a hobbyist, I'm sure that you've probably ordered supplies online for your arts and/or crafts at some point. Whether it be business cards and postcards for promotional purposes or your art supplies, you really can find anything art or business related on the web. The question is whether or not you're getting a good deal by ordering online and having it shipped.

Well, I've come across a site that is particularly useful for getting some great deals online. It is! This website provides you with the ability to search for coupon and discount codes. You know the ones - those letter and/or number codes that put in at checkout to receive a percentage off, free shipping, or other special deal. I've personally found some great promo codes for business cards and postcards by, my choice for printing. Although there are some websites that aren't to be found in RetailMeNot's database of discounts, you can still find many great deals. It is not limited to your artsy business either; you can find discounts on clothing, electronics, and much more.

Save yourself a buck or two next time you order those business cards or even buy a pair of shoes online by visiting for a promo code!

**The image is a screen shot of's home page. Please visit their website to search for promo codes. I am in no way affiliated with; I just think that they have a nifty service.


  1. Always nice to save money. Thanks!

  2. Good one! I just want to share for deals and coupons.


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