Friday, April 04, 2008

A Wonderful Resource for Textile & Fiber Artists! Check out for inspiration, techniques, and more!

There's certainly a LOT of resource sites out there on the web. You can find information on anything, but sometimes I'm sure that you wonder if it is good and reliable. I've found some topics, like textiles and fiber arts, to be a little harder to find on the web - especially when it comes to a fully equipped resource sites for the subject. That's why I'm recommending that you check out, a UK based website for textile and fiber artists. has a wide variety of categories that include people & places, techniques, inspirations, and much more. They even have a shop with textile art books available for purchase. My favorite category right now has to be people & places. I enjoy browsing through their website listings. I always come across a designer who inspires or intrigues me. I also feel honored to be listed there among so many talented textile and fiber artists.

Please use the search feature above to browse their website or just go directly to and take a look around. I know that you'll find it to be interesting and helpful too. And, let me know what you think of it in the comments, or if you have a great textile and/or fiber arts resource site, please list that in the comments as well. I'd love to know my blog reader's recommendations!

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