Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yep, that's me! A photo of the funky felter.....and a little about my new graphic design portfolio website.

Well, the truth is that I'm rarely in any photos. I've long since learned how to dodge my way out of most candid holiday photos and other snapshot happy times. I'm just one of "those" people that really does not like their picture taken. Although sometimes, it is a necessity (unfortunately).

I've been designing a new online all-encompassing portfolio for myself. You can find it at if you want to take a peak. Even though I have my funky felter website which focuses on my fiber art only, I'm also an experienced graphic designer and dabble in illustration. I wanted an online presence for that stuff. I've been wanting to build a neat little portfolio site for myself for a while now.

Anyway, getting back to the real motives for my photo...I needed an up-to-date head shot to put on my new portfolio site and update the one on my funky felter site. The one on there right now is a few years old. Since I'm a bit of a hermit about showing myself, I thought that I'd share my latest photo. Honestly, it may be few years before I'm willing to submit to a new one. Also, my husband took the photos, and I think he did really well!

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