Saturday, June 28, 2008

Looks like a watercolor paiting and little candy rolls to me - my recent nuno felted scarf creations

This is another one of those "I just had to share" moments. I took a few collage photos of my most recent nuno felted scarves. I thought that they looked like a bright, abstract watercolor painting in one and little candy or sushi rolls in the other. This is my silly interpretation of them, but it does make the photos more interesting (I think).

Nuno felting, or laminated felt, is the combining of silk or another fabric and wool. This is a new technique for me, although it has been around for years. I have a slightly different method for it than the one provided in the link above, but there are usually several roads to the same result when it comes to feltmaking or any other fiber art. You eventually just make a technique your own by developing your own style and the process of creation to achieve good results.

I didn't think that I would enjoy nuno felting so very much, but I really do! I had hesitated to try it since I had many other felting projects going on. I am very glad that I decided to branch out though and plan to develop more nuno felted pieces over time. As you can see, I'm already putting it to good use for some scarves in my Fall line of fashion accessories.

If you'd like to learn more about the process of nuno felting or laminated felt, here are a few instructional links to explore:
How to make nuno felt (on Rey Reynold's blog)
Nuno felt a purse (video on YouTube)
Nuno Felt (on kneek's blog)

You can also just do an internet search for "nuno felting" or "laminated felt" to find many more resources on the web.

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  1. Beautyful, just what I was going to make ! (The orange-red-pink one)
    I was wearing one of my nunoscarfs last friday at a gardenparty - so warm and light...I think everyone should have one ;-)


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