Monday, August 04, 2008

Handmade Artists and Crafters, do you have your own website? Here's some handy dandy internet tools for search engine optimization and etc.

Hey artists and crafters out there, do you have your own website? I know that there are a lot of Etsy sellers that just use their Etsy shop as their website, but I'm talking about your very own registered domain name (a .com or .net address). I personally like having my own website outside of my Etsy shop and blog. I feel like it is very helpful for integrating all of my online venues and providing information and resources that don't belong elsewhere. I admit that I'm not that web design savvy, but I did manage to build my own site, and I'm constantly looking for little ways to improve it. For instance, I spent some of this morning updating my meta tags which I'll probably be updating again. I thought that I'd pass along some useful links in analyzing and improving your personal websites. Some of these tools also work on your Etsy shop and blogs. If you have a great online tool to share that will help improve our websites, shops, and/or blogs, please leave a short description and link to the tool in a comment. Also, if you'd just like to share your personal website link, I'd like to see those as well.


Page Rank Tool

Meta Tag Analyzer

Link Popularity Check

Backlink Checker

An Explanation of How Search Engines Work

Improving Search Engine Results: Using Meta Tags

Major Search Engines and Directories

A List of Search Engine Submission Pages


  1. Very interesting information. Thanks, I'll have to bookmark and check them out soon. My website is

  2. Great links here! Thanks for posting them.

    A link to basic html tutorials:

    my website is Juana Almaguer

    and my blog
    Gallery Juana Blog

  3. Thanks for the resource list. I'm going to start at the top and work my way through them.

    In my blog you will find tools on how to increase traffic to your site/blog etc and how to make your blog design your own


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