Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Customizable Rubber Stamps and the many, many uses for an Artist or Crafter: Hang Tags, Labels, and More!

After debating for several weeks on what to do for my clothing and accessory hang tags, I decided to order some customized rubber stamps and make my own. I had originally thought to just print some hang tags out (being a graphic design and all) or buy some cute ones from an Etsy seller, but being the hands on crafty gal that I am, I really wanted to physically make my own tags this time around. I also wanted to have what I needed to repeat that for later shows. With these things in mind, I decided to order some customized rubber stamps from RubberStamps.net which turned out to be a great place to buy stamps!

I had initially searched Etsy to buy some customized rubber stamps because there are several sellers who offer them there, but I found many of them to cost a bit more than I really wanted to spend on my small business budget. At RubberStamps.net, you can order many different sizes and styles. You can also upload your own black and white image to be made into a stamp. I was able to get four small customized rubber stamps in their art mounted style for less than $25 with shipping. And, they arrived in just five days!

As soon as I got the stamps yesterday, I had to try them out. (I know - I'm like a little kid with a Christmas present!) You can see an example of my logo sheep stamp and my basic company info stamp in the photo. That is a bright blue ink on some of my own handmade paper. The sheep stamp (1 inch X 1 inch) was from my original black and white artwork while the company info stamp (1.5 inch X 0.5 inch) was designed using their provided text options. I am very happy with the quality of the stamps for the price and can see myself ordering more in the future if necessary, or even if not necessary because it is so darn neat to have your own customized stamps!

I started thinking about all the uses for a customizable stamps now that mine have arrived. Here's some ideas for you (and me):
  • hang tags
  • clothing labels
  • return mailing label
  • customized "Thank You" notes
  • handmade business cards
  • package branding
  • artwork decoration
. . . and the list can go on and on and on . . .
I'd love to know your suggestions of how to make good use of a customizable stamp so please leave a comment with your suggestions.

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  1. I bought a gadget that lets me make my own stamps not too long ago; I just haven't had time to even open the box and play with it yet. Thanks for the incentive!


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