Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Handmade Needle Felted Heart Rings made it to Etsy's Front Page Today! Yippeeeeee!

It is not often enough that one of my items makes it to Etsy's front page, but it happened this morning with my needle felted heart rings. I always find that my item views and shop hearts get a big boost when this happens, and I make some sales occasionally too which is so nice! My item was only on the front page for a short while today though. Yet even with that, I gained almost 20 new hearts for my shop. I have found that my needle felted pendants and rings are selling quite well and getting noticed more often than some of my other items. Probably because they make wonderful, inexpensive holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. They are also available in 15 customizable colors. You can find those and many other "giftable" items in my Etsy shop.


  1. Congratulations! I seldom make sales from front page appearances, but the hearts are so gratifying...and often result in sales later on ;o

  2. YAY for you..a well-deserved honor! Your heart rings are so cute. and that photo is very eye catching and sunny:-)

  3. what a great way to start your day... congratulations! i love those sweet little rings!

  4. That's great!

    You're up there with my BEST Etsy firend Apple and Eve, her little Kitty is there.

    Did you notice we are both featured in the Holiday Gift Guide on Etsy under Stocking Stuffers? So cool!


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