Friday, December 26, 2008

Check out this terrific business blog that I came across - Pam

First of all, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas yesterday (that is if you celebrate the holiday; otherwise, I hope that you had a wonderful day in general). I was not on the computer at all yesterday which is quite a big deal for me since I usually spend at least some time every day on the computer for my felting business or my teaching job. When I logged in today to check things, I noticed that I had a bunch of Project Wonderful ads to go through for approval. I actually do check every site that submits a bid to advertise on my blog. I like to know exactly what I'm approving to be represented here.

As I was checking bid sites on Project Wonderful a little while ago, I came across a great business blog at which covers a wide variety of topics from how to add a little bling to your blog layout to how to host a great blog giveaway contest. I, of course, approved this site for advertising, but it appears that it was outbid so I thought that I'd tell you about it myself. When you have a chance, I recommend that you visit for some great blogging and business tips. I've only had the time to read through a few of the post headings so far, but I'm sure that I'll be back to finish browsing. The blog has some very interesting topics and helpful information.


  1. What a terrific resource! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooh! I'm a little late, but I just discovered this post! Thank you for the nod and kudos.

    Your site, too, has a wealth of info for indie businesses. I'm following and bookmarking your blog on my site as another resource for my readers.



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