Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Do you have a dog? Then you'll want to read this!

A few weeks before Christmas I was considering what gift to buy my dog. She is as much of a family member to my husband and I as any other human family member is. We adopted her from a shelter a few years ago and have loved her dearly ever since. It seems like it is hard to buy for her though on a special occasion because the truth is that we buy toys, treats, and more for her regularly anyway. I admit that we spoil her terribly sometimes.

This year for Christmas, I decided to go to Etsy to see what I could find for her. I came across this wonderful pet sampler box from petsjubilee, a cooperative shop on Etsy. I bought one for my dog, Cinnamon, and she loves the stuff included. These boxes have a large variety of items for cats and dogs and pet themed items as well. There are treats, collars, charms, cards, coupons, and the list goes on. I was pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful top quality samples included for the price. These pet sample boxes are really a great deal! And, they go on sale every month so you can have the opportunity to get your own. The next batch of boxes go on sale this Friday, January 9th, so don't miss out if you have a dog or cat. (UPDATE 1/12/09: petsjubilee has moved its shop to www.shophandmade.com/store/petsjubilee so please visit it there to buy the sampler boxes.)

Now back to my little story about Christmas shopping for my dog.......... Within the incredible pet sample box, there was one bag of treats that my dog seemed to go crazy over from Nutter's Barkery. My dog is a finicky eater too, but she actually licked the bag and wagged her tail as I pulled it out of the shipping box. She loved those treats and gobbled them up! I decided to order more. You can see some of what I ordered in the photos above. I got a total of 2.5 pounds of treats for Cinnamon which was five generously sized bags. I received Peanut Butter Bones, Cheesy Carrot Dog Houses, and Parmesan Bones. (Right now, Cinnamon's favorite is the Cheesy Carrot Dog Houses, but whatever I feed her next will be her favorite too I'm sure!) The cookie treats are all organic, and I can pronounce every single ingredient. They even smell good enough for a human to eat. And, I had a wonderful experience and communication with Nutter's Barkery as well. I highly recommend their shop and their treats!

I plan to go back through the pet sampler box again to check out some of the other shops represented and hopefully use some of the coupons included. So far, it has been well worth the purchase, and I may be getting another sampler box in the future. If you have a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, lizard, etc., etc., give them a little hug for me this week! I wish your furry family happiness and wellness in the new year.


  1. very cool, i had 3 pitbulls at my home and a cat :)

  2. thanks for the info. I have two very spoiled lovable dogs that deserve an occasional special treat and I love to shop from etsy.

  3. Great tip. I have a dog and a cat. My pup is a bit of a finicky eater -- like human food and snubs her nose at dog food and treats. I'll have to give these a try.


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