Friday, January 02, 2009

Have you made any Resolutions for 2009? Or is it same old, same old for you?

As 2009 is just getting started, I have been wondering what I would like to be different this year. Honestly, I'm normally not that original in my resolutions for each new year. In the past, it has always been to lose weight and get in shape. Some years I do better than others with that, but I always try.

This year, since I am pregnant, the lose weight part doesn't seem to quite fit my usual New Year's Resolution plans. It has forced me to think a little harder about what I really need to focus on this year in my personal life. I'm still pondering where I want life to go. I know with a baby on the way, some things are already planned out, but there are certainly things that I can do to make life better on that journey. One thing that I want to work on is our family finances and budget as well as preparing to be a stay-at-home mom. The thought of all of it does put a lump in my throat a bit because it is a new adventure and challenge. I'd also like to refocus my spiritual life which is often neglected - sad for me to admit, but it is true. There are other little things as well like getting organized and getting rid of clutter. I can be very lazy about the physical part of sorting and cleaning. I should probably stop myself soon because this list can go on and on and on if I let it.

Whether or not you believe in resolutions, perhaps you have thought about how you want 2009 to go for you. I'd love for you to share your thoughts about it. Do you have some set-in-stone resolutions or just some things to ponder like myself?

The image above is the array of items that I got when I typed in "2009" in the Etsy search. I thought that it was as nice variety of images and quite appropriate. Happy 2009 to you, and I hope the year is all that you want it to be and make of it!


  1. Happy new year 2009 :)
    this year i made new changes and open 2nd new shop at etsy which selling my jewelry creation and some cute kawaii and diy supplies.


  2. I would like to add more "green" into our family and business life. I want to also give back...good karma you know. - CT

  3. I don't make New Year's resolutions. I make resolutions at whatever time I need to make them.

    However, like you, there are things I'm pondering. ;)

  4. Wow, I just read that you are pregnant! That's so exciting! Congratulations Shalana!


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